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X-100® – Commercial Visual Image Generator

URS TSET brings the same image generator technology to the civil and commercial training arena with X–100® that it provides to the military with its X–IG® image generator. X–100® is designed to provide the civil and commercial training market with high end performance solutions at significantly reduced initial investment and total cost of ownership.

The processing power of X–100® renders realistic imagery based databases that address the proposed FAA/JAA regulatory requirements (14 CFR Part 60/ JAR STD 01A, Amendment 3) for realistic, accurate, and dynamic scene content. With X–100®, the user can choose the flight conditions, airport scene, and runway environment required. X–100® provides the user with true to life atmospheric conditions including cloud cover, fog, haze, rain, wind, snow, and continuous time of day.

Real–Time Rendering Engine Databases
  • Renderings of 200,000 fully–textured, shaded and anti–aliased polygons per channel, peak performance of over 1,000,000 polygons at 60 Hz
  • Extensive libraries of world-wide, geo-specific, high resolution databases
  • Renderings of 50,000 light points in day/night/dusk at 60 Hz
  • Rapid placement of database features using the Environmental Modeling Editor (EME®) for fast turnaround and reduced cost
  • Synchronized multi–channel capability using hardware Genlock solutions
  • Large number of moving model traffic
  • Auto–alignment and channel edge blending for continuous multi–window applications without performance penalty
Atmospheric and Weather Effects
  • Database paging and texture compression for uninterrupted training through high resolution geo–specific databases
  • Comprehensive weather and atmospheric effects
  • Full scene anti–aliasing for superior artifact control
  • Multiple lightning and thunderstorm models
  • Anistropic texture filtering increasing texture resolution
  • Directional and dynamic snow/rain models
  • Shader–based light point simulation increasing realism and preventing overlapping lights from bunching
  • Continuous and static time of day
  • Multiple light sources (ambient light, spotlights, steerable search lights. landing lights, etc.)
  • Multiple clouds, fog, and haze layer models
  • Dynamic scene management
  • Ephemeris models
  • FOV based dynamic LOD control
Mission Functions
  • Real–time texture animation
  • Tactical terrain server processes up to 160,000 concurrent requests per second
  • Unlimited levels of occulting
  • Surface material code feedback to host for ice, snow, rain, etc.
  • Integrated Boston Dynamics DI–Guy real–time human simulation
  • 100,000 height of terrain calculations per second
  • FAA/JAA compliant display density raster light points
  • 11,000 collision detection calculations per second
Special Effects
  • 20,000 laser range calculations per second
  • Emissive and reflective surfaces
Application Programming Interface
  • Multi-layer order independent transparency
  • API portable source available
  • Dynamic shadow rendering of scene entities
  • After Action Review (AAR) record/replay capability
  • Dynamic shadow rendering of scene entities
  • Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI)
  • Effect, color, and size characteristics are correlated to associated database material
  • GUI based special effects (XFX) composer


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