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    Suzhou Haobro Medical Device Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. With our own R&D, manufacture, promotion and service capacities, we could provide the medical device total solutions for rehabilitation need. We have more than 400 employees, 45% have bachelor and master degrees. In China, 31 branches work with our thousands of distributors, are serving hospitals at all levels across the country. ...

    Introduction of international rehabilitation concepts

    Serving many top three medical institutions

    Introduction and training of professionals

    Continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence

    Department Plan

    Chinese Traditional Medicine Rehabilitation Solution

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    Pain Management Solution

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    Neurological Rehabilitation Solution

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    Maternity Rehabilitation Solution

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    Orthopedic Rehabilitation Solution

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    Cardiopulmonary Function Rehabilitation Solution

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    Senility Rehabilitation Solution

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    Children Rehabilitation Solution

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